Playing Triples with Two of the Finest

Some of us VOMPers remember one of Byron’s good friends, gentleman Bob Bosko.

The two had met through the club and both played avidly in what was their Golden Years. They shared a lot in common, both being of the same “Greatest Generation,” as well as serving in World War II.

Bob moved to Couer d’Alene, Idaho in 2000 (or so). He made a point to spend most of each summer in Sonoma so that he could play petanque and be among his friends that he met through the club. He and his lovely wife, Jane, made this trip as long as they could. Bob passed away a few years ago, but was in contact with Byron until then.

During one of those grand summers, Bob, Byron and I once teamed up for a triples tourney in Sonoma. We didn’t place high in the standings, but we had a great day. Unrelated to anything, it dawned on me at the time that our combined team age was a ripe 207 years! I’m sure we topped the field in that department.

If a photo of Byron with Bob can be found, I am sure they would both like to see that posted somewhere on this blog.

-Ed Porto

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