VOMPC Newsletter Archives

“In the years that Byron was president, editor of the newsletter, and later as an adviser to various Boards, he had a great impact on the VOMPC. I think of him as the guy that lead the club to good governance, the push to add women to our club, the expansion of membership, and the emphasis on community.

While many contributed to the club, in my eyes, no one has done more to promote a happy, harmonious and flourishing organization than Byron. He helped me immensely when I had various roles on the Board, sharing his wily wisdom on how to manage the sometimes chaotic and acrimonious debates about the club. There’s no getting around it, he’s The Man.”

– Peter Mathis


Please note: Listed below are the newsletters published from the origin of the club in 1990 until the 2003 edition. For seven of these years, the newsletters were compiled, edited and published by Byron. There were numbering errors through the years and we are presenting the issues in the exact order they were published.


Please note: This is the extent of the Newsletter available here. The Newsletter continues to this day, you may look to the VOMPC web site for their more recent archives.